PREMIUM PLUS 2020 – 2021 Without Security Certificate

$350.00 for 1 year

Unlimited number of pages, 2 free email addresses, includes 1 Year Security Certificate


Our Dynamic Website featuring:
Unlimited number of pages
1 Year Security Certificate
2 free email addresses
Online Donations
Daily Bible Verses
10 GB of storage
Audio Sermons
Photo Gallery
Includes one free .org, .com, .net, .info, or .us domain name


Domain Options


The product you have chosen includes one FREE domain name:

OPTION 1: If you wish to create a brand new web address for your website, choose OPTION 1 below to register a new domain and enter your first choice in the name box.

OPTION 2: If you currently have a website and want to continue using the same domain name, you may transfer the domain name to Serving Sites. Choose OPTION 2 below and enter your current domain name and extension in the name boxes.

OPTION 3: If you currently have a domain name registered with another service and do not wish to transfer it to Serving Sites, you may leave the domain at its current registrar. Choose OPTION 3 below and enter your current domain name and extension in the name boxes.

Tips on Choosing a Domain Name


In choosing a domain name, please keep in mind that shorter domain names are easier for everyone to remember. Your domain should easily “roll off your tongue”. If the name of your church is very popular, for example, “First Baptist Church”, consider using just the initials and the name of your city—for example

Your website’s address has two components: the domain name and the extension. For example, if the web address is the domain name is yourchurch and the extension is org. Below you will provide these two components in separate boxes.


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